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1985 follows the story of friends Marc de Vuyst (Tijmen Govaerts) and Franky Verhellen (Aimé Claeys) who start a career at the Rijkswacht. Franky's sister, Vicky Verhellen (Mona Mina Leon), is also going to Brussels to study law at the Free University.

When an influential gendarme commander is convicted of drug trafficking, an assassination attempt is made on the major of the investigation. A colleague of the major and Marc de Vuyst take over the investigation and have to deal with the "Bende van Nijvel" which sowed terror.

1985 was selected for the renowned international festival Canneseries. This drama series marks a special collaboration between the Flemish public broadcaster VRT and the Walloon public broadcaster La Une, as the notorious gang made victims in both language regions of Belgium.

Leading roles

Tijmen Govaerts Marc De Vuyst

Aime Claeys Franky Verhellen

Mona Mina Leon Vicky Verhellen

Peter Van den Begin Herman Vernaillen

Tom VermeirGuy Goffinard

Roda Fawaz Madani Bouhouche

Guillaume Kerbusch Robert Beijer

Yoann Blanc Christophe Dejoyaux

Titus De Voogdt Philippe Debels

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