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More locations from Bassie & Adriaan: De Geheimzinnige opdracht

"Bassie over here!!"
I feel they are close!!
The castle you can walk to at low tide
And Ein Zeitung is a newspaper
The European Economic Community building
In Portugal people speak differently than we do in the Netherlands
Bassie, there is the park where we are going to land. (Shot)
The hot air balloon landing site
B100 is on the Grote Markt in Sint Niklaas (Belgium)
Bassie & Adriaan walk past a restaurant somewhere in Madrid
Shot of building from Italian Lesson
Bassie asks Adriaan if Fairies really exist
The HC Andersen Castle in pictures (Shot)
Bassie & Adriaan stop with the scooters after Italian lessons
Final shot German Les Koblenz
For example, in German it is zum Beispiel
Pequeño barco is a small boat
Opening shot of the Portuguese lesson (Torre de Belém)
B100 has escaped from the truck and is suddenly in Paris
High place? Then you have to stand on that mountain. (Shot)
They call a lollipop there lutscher
Opening scene of the Wales episode
The little Mermaid
Bassie & Adriaan get out of the taxi in Rome
Bassie throws a coin into the fountain at the Spanish Steps
B & A take a walk through the old part of Madrid
Good morning is good morning, good night is good night
Calimera is good morning, calinichta is good night
B & A are in Rotterdam and receive a new assignment
We inspected the castle very thoroughly
It is very calm now, but this river used to be very wild
Bassie & Adriaan search everywhere in Brussels for the package
Bassie & Adriaan walk down the stairs at the National Basilica
After three hours of paddling we reached our final destination
Pesaro is a town located on the Adriatic Sea
And where he got his ideas for his fairy tales
You can't turn right and neither can you go straight
Good morning is good morning, good night is good night
I said keep a little distance and don't turn off the engine
Bassie asks Adriaan what kind of big castle that is
We searched the town of Pesaro for 2 days
Adriaan, Gradara is a beautiful town
Street organs from all over Europe had come to Linz
Bassie & Adriaan are sitting on the bridge in Spanish class
Good morning is goedemorgen
B & A are in a shopping street talking about a bet
Today I'm putting an end to that annoying B&A for good
The statue of Hans Christian Andersen in Copenhagen
They call the sea there la mer
We like peace and quiet and anyone who disturbs us has a problem
I found that Bassie & Adriaan again
Search near Pesaro, if you are at hand
Bassie & Adriaan buy balloons and balls for the ambush
Bassie & Adriaan have arrived in Copenhagen
Adriaan, what was the address in that letter again?
Willeke Lamberti? No, his name is Willeke Alberti
Kotopoello is a chicken, rizi is rice
Opening scene of the Portugal episode (Ponte 25 de Abril)
B100 calls the Baron somewhere in Copenhagen
Adriaan, stand there and we can laugh
Bassie & Adriaan are in Rotterdam and receive a letter
Little is crying, laughter is laughter
Weinen is crying
In Greece people speak differently than we do in the Netherlands
All memaggies, it seems like I'm dreaming
The terrace with Danny Verbiest on the Grote Markt in Brussels
I'm sure I'm lost! I always have bad luck too!
The largest lock on the Rio Douro
Bassie & Adriaan receive a letter and 2 scooters in Italy
Adriaan doesn't understand the gentleman from the car rental
Bassie & Adriaan walk past a Belgian chocolate shop
Bassie and Adriaan walk among the pigeons on "Sol"
But not one barrel organ was called Lamberti
Yes Bassie, from here you can see how big Lisbon is
In Pesaro we went looking for the package
That was a really good joke
Pont Alexandre III in Paris (Shot)
After a beautiful ride, we stopped at the last station
We passed several locks of the Rio Douro
In the middle of the Rhine, where singing was dangerous
And we also moored at the city of Koplenz (Shot)
The introduction to the mysterious client
This is the ideal hiding place, the police will never find me here
Bassie & Adriaan are on the Grand Place in Brussels
Real Spanish food is paella
The Fairies are at an old medieval Irish village
That's a statue of Julius Caesar. Julius Racekar?
Well Adriaan let's go back
Bassie & Adriaan walk past a fountain and a statue
They walk to their truck
A boat? A boat? A sailing motor cap!
Harry, there are those Bassie & Adriaan
We saw Greece like we had never seen it before
How much longer Adriaan?
The Laval railway viaduct
The mouth of the truth
Arrival in Madrid, Spain
We walked past the places where HC Andersen used to walk
Bassie & Adriaan walk along the water in English class
Patataki is fries, pagotaki is ice cream
Por exemplo is for example
The sun and the rain show you the way to the package
That bridge looks like the Eiffel Tower
Hey, look, there's a barrel organ there
paralia is the beach
A street somewhere in Madrid (Shot)
Oh, I have to hang up now, because they're walking down a side street
Un chanson that's a song
B & A drive down a street with the covered wagon in an Irish village
Dublin airport
One barrel organ played even better than the other
The ferry to Copenhagen
Driving through the greenhouses with the truck
The tower where the day is taken care of at night
B100 calls the Baron on the motorcycle
Too late, they escaped us again, I always have bad luck
In Spain they speak differently (Monumento Alfonso XII)
Un cheval is what a horse is called
We are the Fairies, we are the Fairies
Bridge (Pont des Invalides) and the Eiffel Tower in view (Shot)
We flew over a beautiful Welsh landscape
Bassie, we will go to Porto with one of these boats
I don't understand that, I really saw him.
Lakritze is the word for licorice
Hans Christian Andersen's house at Nyhavn 20
The view over the Portuguese capital, Lisbon (Shot)
The pannenkoeken restaurant (Café de l'Ouest) ''Dos Calvados''
Adriaan, was the Loreley located here?
a chupa chup, which is a lollipop
Come on, just a few more kilometers and we're there
But after a few hours of sailing we reached our final destination
Bassie sees the name Ghiolman on the boat in the harbor
There was a barrel organ conference in the town of Linz
We can't turn right, that road is closed.
The Atomium in Brussels
The letter in the zoo near Paris
and they say there is a ringing sound
Bitte schön is please, fout is thank you
Pollo is the name of a chicken there, arroz means rice
El sol is the sun in Spanish
If you want to order in Spanish, take a look at the menu
Final shot of Spanish class in Madrid
B100 has also arrived in Lisbon
Where is Spain located on the map of Europe?
Has station with the long place name in Llanfairpwll, Wales
Run Bassie, I know a way to get rid of them
The christening of the Viking ship
A few hours later we crossed the border at Lopik
I saw another statue
That was fun with the Viking ship, Adriaan
Several people gather in front of the Viking ship (Shot)
A fountain (Fuente de Cibeles) somewhere in Madrid (Shot)
We stopped several times at a small station
Bassie, I bought a map of Europe
That was some nice fish
Bassie & Adriaan walking down the stairs in Greek class
Dome prison Haarlem where the crooks are released
At the next intersection Bassie & Adriaan turn right
I follow them from a safe distance on my motorcycle
All memaggies, it's so deep here, Adriaan
Adriaan, my head is so spinning
A TGV train passes under the road near a French village
We searched the entire Middle Rhine with various boats (Shot)
In Germany they speak differently
Bassie & Adriaan at the Eiffel Tower in Paris in French lessons
And you learn the German language very quickly
Where have Bassie & Adriaan gone?
Oh, just a few more minutes and I'll be with the boss
Manneken Pis
Flower auction at Dijkweg 66
Trap of the Baron
Bassie & Adriaan are on their way to Caernarfon by bus
Bassie & Adriaan arrive in Caernarfon by bus
statue of Sebastião de Melo from Portuguese les
Bassie makes a wish and the cake flies through the air
Bassie & Adriaan walking in a street past a barrel organ
Hey Harrie, that's the town where we saw them walking
Bassie sees the suspicious man standing in Urbino
'' That's how high the water was in 1658 '' Adriaan about high water
Bassie & Adriaan at the Sacré-Cœur from the French lesson
Bassie asks people in Koblenz if they know Lamberti - (1)
You know what I like more? 2 barrel organs.
B100 is back in the Netherlands and is in a taxi (Shot)
B100 has arrived back in the Netherlands and is in a taxi
Billund Airport (Shot)
Adriaan thinks the package is in Copenhagen
B100 calls the Baron in the red car in Wales
Adrian at the statue of Charlemagne in Paris
Bassie and Adriaan arrive in Pesaro
The first scene in Luxembourg
The first scene in France
The baron's boat
O'Brien's Tower
Bassie & Adriaan at the water ''echo'' well in Linz
B100 is stuck in the truck to Paris
B100 drives into the harbor, and is just too late and misses the ferry
The crooks block the road with a fence
Bassie & Adriaan are looking for the package with the covered wagon
I see them driving
The church from the English lesson
"Karawaki is a boat, aeras is the Greek for wind"
Bassie & Adriaan arrived in Linz at Burg Linz
Bassie & Adriaan are looking for the package and are at church
Bassie has to sneeze and all the dishes are broken
Bassie & Adriaan take the bus through Caernarfon bus
Bassie & Adriaan take the cogwheel train to Mount Snowdon
Bassie & Adriaan arrive in Lisbon by taxi
Bassie & Adriaan found the package
Bassie & Adriaan drive into Vianden
Bassie & Adriaan discuss the EEG building
Adriaan explains to Bassie how many times he has been to Spain
1st scene Italy
B100 tastes from one of the large barrels of port
Houses in the background from the English lesson
Bassie with the castle in the background at the English lesson
Bassie & Adriaan know where the package is
Entrance Legoland
Urbino parking lot
soriso that's a laugh
The mysterious client's first assignment
Bassie & Adriaan walking through Paris
Bassie & Adriaan are going to explore different islands
The dam drives the crooks away
Adriaan gets an idea where the package is
Bassie & Adriaan receive a letter from the musical students
"Adriaan what does the Greek word kaliméra mean?"
Bassie & Adriaan walk out of the big castle
Bassie stands on a hill near the Sacré-Cœur in the French lesson
shot in Italian lesson
Obelisk in St. Peter's Square
The Mysterious Client calls Bassie & Adriaan
Adriaan in a square at Notre Dame from the French lesson
B100 keeps an eye on everything
First shot of Spanish Lesson
Canción is a song, Niño is a child.
Adriaan tells the fairy tale of the little mermaid
The terrace of Hotel Bella Vista
Statue of King Dom José I from the Portuguese lesson
Monument to the uit Restorers of Portugese les
B100 must quickly turn the car and drive back to the ferry
Bassie is frightened by the sea and they have found the castle
B&A will help with picking grapes
Adriaan is standing on a bridge for English class
Bassie knows where the package is
Bassie & Adriaan at the Place de la Concorde from the French lesson
Adriaan is standing on the Pont de la Concorde from the French lesson
The crooks swim to the Netherlands
Bassie & Adriaan drive a covered wagon through an Irish village
The original statue of King William 2nd
The round tower with the ambush with the balls and balloons
Couplet and chorus Italian lesson
B&A find the package behind a barrel of port from 1870
Hotel Bella Vista
The Italian hotel in Pesaro
Bassie & Adriaan walking on a square from the German lesson
Bassie wins the bet and sees the letter
B100 sees B&A walking on the Champs-Élysées
Look for green fields turning orange
Bassie & Adriaan are waiting for the bus
Bassie & Adriaan look at the Eiffel Tower in Paris
B100 calls the Baron that Bassie & Adriaan are in Paris
B100 is in the right place, in Copenhagen to be exact
B100 sees B&A stomping the grapes through the window
Bassie & Adriaan are sitting on the terrace
Bassie asks people in Koblenz if they know Lamberti - (2)
''ein witz that's a joke'' from the German lesson
He just ate one too many desserts and then boom!
Bassie & Adriaan ride in a covered wagon at an Irish house
Adriaan in a square at the Préfecture de police de Paris
Bassie & Adriaan are on the king's chair or on ''the throne''
'There is no demolition here, but dismantling'
"those gentlemen forgot that barrel"
Bassie & Adriaan drive a covered wagon at a red house
Bassie & Adriaan visit an old ruin
Adriaan, do you know how to say good morning in Italian?
Bassie, there's another barrel organ there
With the truck along the Oranjesluis
Adriaan rings the doorbell at the house, but are not at home in Wales
"Can I have Adriaan on your shoulders?"

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