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Bassie and Adriaan walk on the beach
Queen Emma Bridge in Willemstad on Curaçao
The children's hotel in Orlando | I want to be a clown
Bassie and Adriaan in the Grand Canyon
A borderline case on Sint Maarten
The Sunrise Point
High trees
The Giant Sequoia trees - we are void
In the Bryce Canyon like a real cowboy
I'll see you again in Marigot
B & A have arrived in Los Angeles and are going to rent a car
Adriaan explains the border on Sint Maarten
Bassie & Adriaan are talking about the railway line that has been constructed
If you look down, they look like toy cars
The house where the crooks break in
Oh Grand Canyon we're coming to you
The cement floor in America
Bassie & Adriaan have booked a room at the Tenaya Lodge
Bassie & Adriaan walk in a Chinese neighborhood of New York
The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
Monumet Valley
City Hall
Those are Bassie & Adriaan, they are driving there in that car
There are more than 1,000 major hotels here in Orlando
Lombard Street
Gas station for Yosemite Park
Zabriskie Point
Huis van Siegfried and Roy
Glen Canyon Dam Overlook
You Are The Star
The hotel in Los Angeles
Here you have the most amusement parks in the world
Adriaan where are we going first?
Hotel and 'Empire State Building' in Bassie & Adriaan
The cable car on a steep street in San Francisco
The Golden Gate Bridge
View from the valley
Rock in Zion National Park
Bassie and Adriaan arrive on Curaçao
The floating market
Attraction ET Adventure from Bassie & Adriaan
Bassie & Adriaan walk down a steep street in San Francisco
Bassie & Adriaan driving past a building in the Georgetown neighborhood
Chinatown in San Francisco
The hotel of the crooks in Orlando, Florida
The Peter Stuyvesant pedestal in New York
Pier 39
Badwater Basin
Artists Pallet
Old Bryce Town
Adriaan talks about Caribbean Carnival
Bassie bumps into a lamppost and is wide awake
The crooks are driving in a limousine somewhere in New York
Bassie & Adriaan drive past a Hertz location in Wasington
Bassie & Adriaan are driving on a street somewhere in San Francisco
Quick Japie spies on Bassie and Adriaan
Pursuit on De Ruyterkade in Willemstad
B& A walk through 933 Grant Ave and Bassie has a joke
The Plaza Hotel in Willemstad on Curaçao
The Helmsley Palace Hotel in New York
If I'm the president
The fallen Sequoia
A forest walk
View of the Valley
The Red Canyon Arch at Bryce Canyon
View of the Bryce Canyon
The Chinese Theater
Bassie and Adriaan find the letter
Viewpoint over Curaçao
B & A drive past a house that looks like a castle
Why do you have so many hotels here in Orlando?
Adriaan, there's a sign there that says Cypress Gardens
An exit becomes a slide (General Andrew Jackson Statue)
Adriaan in front of the Lincoln Memorial building
698 Grant Ave in the Chinese Quarter, China Town (Shot)
Disney replica of Chinese theater from Hollywood in B & A
Griffith Observatory | View over Los Angeles
Visiting Alcatraz . Prison
De Death Valley
Bassie & Adriaan do the shopping in Las Vegas
View over San Francisco
Fairmont San Francisco
Terrace where Bassie drinks apple juice
Airport at the Bryce Canyon
The Crooks' Hideout
I just heard there are crocodiles here
Bassie & Adriaan drive past the United States Navy Memorial
Bassie & Adriaan drive past the US Treasury Department
Adriaan stands in front of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Bassie & Adriaan drive through the old part of Washington
Is this the way south?
The Navajo school (Monument Valley High School)
734 Jackson St. in China Town, San Francisco (Shot)
B& A walk through 857 Commercial St and Adriaan has a joke
The gate of the Disney-MGM Studios from Bassie & Adriaan
Chase of crooks after burglary
View of Yosemite Park
If only I had said yes, Fremont Street
The crooks have been arrested and are back in the Netherlands
Bassie and Adriaan are looking for a clue
Bassie and Adriaan are watching flamingos
Quick Japie is hiding from Bassie & Adriaan
Bassie & Adriaan buy a map of Curaçao
B & A walk past a statue and large bell at the station
B & A drive through an intersection somewhere in San Francisco
Adriaan, which hotel are we going to?
Bassie & Adriaan rented the red convertible car from Hertz
Tollgate at Zion National Park
Whipped Cream Pie in the Grand Canyon
It seems as if I am walking in the Netherlands
Caribbean Carnival
Attraction Star Tours from Bassie & Adriaan
Bassie & Adriaan get into the elevator and the criminals arrive
Bassie & Adriaan drive past a building in Washington DC
Bassie & Adriaan drive towards the Capitol
Bassie asks Adriaan, in which state is Washington located?
Bassie & Adriaan drive through a street in the Georgetown district
I'm curious to see what we'll see here
Bassie & Adriaan are driving on the road somewhere in San Francisco
Those burgers were very tasty Adriaan
Bassie & Adriaan walking in a street somewhere in New York
I already found it, this is California and here is S.F.
998 Grant Ave in the Chinese Quarter, China Town (Shot)
Crooks are standing in front of the town hall
Egg on the hood
Bassie & Adriaan drive past a statue in Washington
And today we are going to visit another major attraction
Bassie & Adriaan walking through China Town in San Francisco
Bassie & Adriaan cannot rent a room, the hotel is full
Bassie, that's not a flying fish, that's a zeppelin
Swift Jiminy stumbles on the terrace
Bassie & Adriaan have arrived in Washington DC
B & A are standing at the General Marquis de Lafayette Statue
Bassie & Adriaan have arrived in San Francisco
B & A drive past the Grand Canyon National Park sign
Now when I do stupid things they laugh about it
Bassie and Adriaan are both standing in front of the capitol
B100 sees himself on television
Adriaan stands at the statue of Rochambeau Statue
A street somewhere in Georgetown (Shot)
Where is San Francisco located? Adriaan: ''Now right in front of us''
There is a park here with more than 10 swimming pools, 30 slides
Volcanic eruption at The Mirage in Las Vegas
Bassie & Adriaan drive past a house in the Georgetown neighborhood
Bassie & Adriaan drive down a hill
Why are you laughing like that?
Bassie & Adriaan driving at 715 Bedford Dr. past a house
If only I had said no | Statue of Las Vegas Club
Haven't you opened that car yet?
Bassie & Adriaan walking across Pier 17 past a large boat
Bassie & Adriaan driving on a road along a lake
The Mirage hotel in Las Vegas (Shot)
You can fly over cars with a helicopter
You can clearly see that Curaçao is part of the Netherlands
They'll catch up with me soon
The old abandoned mine in the Death Valley
The Imperial Palace | He said your dog bit a coat
The cowboy town, Fort Apace in Orderville
The freeway overpass in Los Angeles (Shot)
The opening scene at the Five World Trade Center in New York
Pursuit on the Abraham de Veerstraat in Willemstad
Beginning scene of episode 3 (More luck than wisdom)
If only I had said no | The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino
Where are we going now Adriaan?
The crooks turn right at 2720 Derby St. in Berkeley
Great, did you organize that? ''No, just stole it''
Let's check that Bassie is awake
Excalibur Hotel and Casino | Then you wouldn't have made the wrong decision
The hotel of the criminals in Willemstad on Curaçao (Shot)
The chase on Berg Altena in Willemstad - (1)
Bassie & Adriaan walking on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Bassie & Adriaan walking in a street somewhere in New York (Shot)
And we were in such a traffic jam. We've been in that taxi for an hour
A steep street (California St.) in San Francisco (Shot)
The Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas
He was there by himself and walked around happily
The world famous shopping street (Rodeo Drive) in Beverly Hills
The 2730 Parker St. in Berkeley (Shot)
I have a strange feeling
Would she do here? Will they look for me? Hey, there they are again
Adriaan, there he goes left, left!
Chase on Abraham Mendez Chumaceiro Boulevard
The statue of George Washington in New York
Bassie & Being Adriaan on Broadway in New York
The White House in Washington D.C. | When I'm the president
The Washington Monument in Washington D.C.
B& A drive into the Death Valley and past a shop
Keren Harrie, who is Bassie & Adriaan are in the west
Turn the car around and drive the other way
Hey, those are Bassie & Adriaan, what are they doing here?
And finally the time had come
Adriaan, there he goes off to the left!
We found that letter in Sint Joris Bay on Curaçao
The crooks drive the limousine down Broadway in New York
B& A are on the roof of the J.F.K. Memorial Building
I will show you that in this Chinese restaurant
Bassie & Driving Adriaan in the Death Valley and passing a hotel
The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (Shot)
The world famous Hollywood letters
Schiphol Airport
We stopped at several bays and took a good look around everywhere
There it goes off to the left!
Adriaan, it seems like he has gone up in smoke
Bassie & Adriaan driving over the lock in Georgetown
The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas | So that was delicious food
The Capitol in Washington D.C. | If I am the president
The chase on the Abraham de Veerstraat in Willemstad
Gas, gas, come on after it
Bassie & Adriaan driving past the building of the Centro Pro Art
Bassie & Adriaan walking in an Italian neighborhood of New York
He asked is that your dog and you said yes
Then I would now be the 1 millionth customer | The Circus Circus Hotel
But we are now on our way to Utha State | Grand View Ranch
The crooks turn right at 2644 Etna St. in Berkeley
The chase on Berg Altena in Willemstad - (2)
But in that bay we also saw an old acquaintance of ours
Adriaan, do you think that Quick Jappie is also after the package
Bassie & Adriaan walking to the travel agency in New York
B& A drive past the Stovepipe Wells Ranger Station
Bassie & Adriaan lost his Quick Jappie
Walk of Fame
Shop where Handy Harry gets glue
Bassie, where is Quick Jappie now?
According to my nose, we are indeed going in the right direction
Then I'd rather stay who I am, I have a nice job
Bassie & Driving Adriaan in a street somewhere in Georgetown

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