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More locations from Bassie & Adriaan: De verdwenen kroon

Phone place of the crooks
The castle where the villains were hiding
The ferry where Swift Japie escapes
Adriaan sees the criminals and quickly turns the Honda Prelude
Museum where the crown was exhibited
the submarine
Why was that man so shocked?
The Police Station from the Lost Crown
It ensures that the cold disappears... DISAPPEARS!
Driving from phone booth to phone booth
Museum where the crown was stolen
He's in a hurry, that can't be pure coffee behind it!
A police officer stops Bassie and Adriaan
We are almost there but not quite yet
Jump on the boat
Did you see that? The police arrested that acrobat
The phone booth in front of the church
The gate in Schoonhoven
Bassie and Adriaan park the car at the museum
Getting the right equipment with Robin
Driving we have to escape, it shouldn't get us
Bassie & Adriaan go shopping
Racing to the telephone booths
You're right on time, do you hear me?
Adriaan, what would the adjutant want from us?
Bunker Q
The old building at the end of the Ventweg
New batteries for Robin
The second phone booth at the ferry
The last shot of the thugs in the Lost Crown
Adriaan is caught up and arrested
Drommels, now the police are also after us!
The action has started!
The bunker where the fence falls
Because that acrobat was arrested we were able to escape hahaha
I say drums drums drums
Tunnel where the crooks are caught
Is it still far Adriaan?
Bassie & Adriaan have to come to the police station
The red car with cage is ready for departure
Racing to the telephone booths
I don't want to go back to prison!
Bassie & Adriaan turn right with the Fiat Panda
But in the spring, I play outside again
I said, it's too shallow here!
Bassie & Adriaan switch from Prelude to Fiat Panda

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