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After getting into a fight in a club, Prince Wilhelm, the second son of Queen Kristina of Sweden, is sent to Hillerska boarding school near the town of Bjärstad, where his older brother Crown Prince Erik also studied. Fellow student August, the Prince's great-nephew, watches over Wilhelm as he begins his studies.

The building where the film was filmed was originally a country house used as a conference center. Landhuis Kaggeholms gard is located in the municipality of Ekerö in Sweden. The name Kaggeholm is derived from Count Lars Kagg, who achieved a very high status within the army during his lifetime. Among other things, he was appointed chairman of the Krigskollegiet and fought with Gustav II Adolf in the Thirty Years' War. In 1647 he bought the estate, then called Vettersjö, and began to call himself Lord of Kaggeholm.

The castle has about 60 beds, two dining rooms, a common room and of course several bathrooms and toilets. Perfect for large and small parties, kick-offs, conferences, dinners and weddings.

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