Bassie & Chase Adriaan B1 to the hiding place

Bassie & Adriaan: De Diamant 1979 - 52 locations

It was extremely difficult to find this location, but after a number of tips, including from fans of the film De Lift by Dick Maas, it seemed that this was the same location. And that was right! This shot was also taken during the driving shots in Amsterdam. The white building (Neverlak B.V.) still exists and is now brown. Thanks to Jorn.

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Bassie & Adriaan: De Diamant
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Submitted by Xander Stokkers on 2024-05-09

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Bassie & Chase Adriaan B1 to the hiding place
The crooks get into the car
Bassie we have a circus!
The circus from the Diamond
An acrobat is upside down!
Bassie and Adriaan as Starsky & Hutch
toboggan run
The prison in bunker R
Gate of karting
Bassie & Adriaan drive the kart cars onto the main road
Exhibition of the diamond Bassie and Adriaan
The cannon with which Bassie and Adriaan escape
Bassie & Adriaan as street acrobats
Duurstede Castle - hideout of the crooks
Fireworks in the suitcase with money for the crooks
Bassie makes a world trip
The tailor from the diamond
The Crooks' Hideout
The crooks escape
First shot Musketeers song
Exposition of the diamond (inside)
The criminals arrive in the boat
Running through the house
The crooks come ashore
So I just went and got a frikandel
The cave to Germany
Walking over the breaker
Bassie & Adriaan and the door in the dead end street
Back from the zoo
Bassie & Adriaan chase B1 but lost B1
Bassie and Adriaan turn around at a bridge
Bassie crosses without looking out
Let the orchestra begin and outro Diamant
Bassie & Adriaan run along the quay with the canal houses
Bassie & Adriaan and the crooks drive into a dead end street
Bassie and Adriaan as Starsky & Hutch
Bassie & Adriaan run across the flower market of Amsterdam
Bassie & Adriaan deliver the message for the king
Bassie & Adriaan are on their way to the party
Bassie & Adriaan run in a street
Bassie & Adriaan are at the police station
The rear entrance of the electronics store
The chase on the church path
Bassie & Adriaan are waiting for the party
Bassie & Adriaan are sitting on a wall
B1 returns to the old Key hideout
Bassie & Adriaan go looking for the crooks
Bassie runs over a staircase to the tailor
Bassie & Adriaan have arrived at the party
Bassie looks at a statue
Bassie & Adriaan run in a street on the way to the tailor
He went to Japan by car

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