Bassie and Adriaan stayed in the hotel Creta Maris during the adventure of De Verzonken Stad. This is a luxury hotel in the Greek town of Hersonissos. The entrance is easily recognizable. The reception inside is also clearly recognizable. And outside you can find the terrace where Bassie and Adriaan place the dolls to deceive the crooks.

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Bassie & Adriaan: De Verzonken Stad
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The beach on the uninhabited island
3 boeven komen naar beneden lopen
Well, I find it interesting, but I also find it a bit scary
Looking in Rhodes
the Crooks House at "Papatouki 23"
The travel agency
De kolos van Rhodos
The town where the crooks are going to rob the bank
The hotel from the Sunken City
The desert island
Dimitri de Ezel
B2 and Swift Japie see Bassie and Adriaan sitting on a terrace
Cleverly, there are even more windmills here than in Holland
The ambush with the empty box
Rhodes Acropolis from the intro to the Sunken City
Calimera is good morning
Terrace on Santorini
There are all Dutch people on that bus!
Come on, look what a high mountain there!
The bus shot after King Midas
Bassie en Adriaan nemen een taxi
The Lost City Police Station
Boss, what's in that box?
Are you big? Are you small? Everyone can be kind.
Terrace where the dolls were
The cave with butterflies
First shot of the bus passing the church
Amphitheater Rhodos
Disc of Phaistos
The crooks are thrown into the sea
King Bassie
Hide from the crooks in the gorge
And then the alarm went off
How much do those tickets cost? 2 quarters
The end of the gorge
Irene Palace
Quick Japie & B2 stop at the crooks' house
Quick Japie & B2 follow the bus with Bassie & Adriaan in it
Diving to the sunken city
An ice cream in Hersonissos
The villains' vantage point
Viewpoint Agios Nikolas
The church in Elounda
The crooks drive through the gorge
Bassie & Adriaan buy an ice cream
Quick Japie and B2 park the Citroën BX
Bassie falls into the pool while dancing sirtaki
Bassie walks through the gorge
Ah, I've been here before
Oh, look what delicious Greek food they have here
Adriaan, the sea is so beautiful here, and what a lot of water
That's what I would like to do, travel the world
Yes, who doesn't dream of that? | Bassie, how does that happen?
Yes haha, you shouldn't laugh at that
Ordered everything from the menu, because everything was so tasty
A small pier in Agios Nikolaos (Shot)
Then the alarm went off (end of song) | The terrace
What does he say? I say I don't mark anything on my ears!
Man, I don't mark my ears! What does he say?
In the next dream, I dreamed about a beautiful warm day
The arrival by bus in Elounda
Adriaan, where is that town? | Arrival on Santorini
Bassie, we're there, get off, where is the handbrake?
Bassie & Adriaan walk down some stairs at Tropical
Bassie & Adriaan walk up a flight of stairs
Yes, and there we were in the town, Thira | The viewpoint
It was a beautiful beautiful place | The stairs
Ah, we have to go there | The entrance\exit of the cable car

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